September 18, 2021 6:10 pm

Are You A CLEVER Real Estate Professional?

Are You A CLEVER Real Estate Professional?A real estate professional can either be his own best friend, or his worst enemy! This generally depends on his attitude, behavior, perspective, and decisions. There are many things involved with becoming and behaving as a quality agent, and obviously, successful transactions, referrals, and    Clever quality service, should be very high on that list! It requires extensive training, and learning, combined with a positive attitude, innovative planning, and a degree of cleverness! When we call an agent CLEVER, it is being used as a positive characteristic, which encompasses how one proceeds to combine many skills, with both common sense, and a positive can – do attitude!

1. Create market; cooperative; can – do: Where does a particular property fit? What might be the target market, and why? How will you energize and create a market for the house, in a clever, creative, impact – oriented way? Obviously, in most transactions, it is    Clever important to engage other agents in the process, and it is always necessary to engage potential buyers. So, how will you use your cooperative behavior, with a consistent, can – do attitude? Have you ever considered the language you choose to use? For example, do you refer obstacles as problems, or challenges, and which do you believe might be the more positive, constructive approach and terminology?

2. Listing price: Will you list that home, at the right price, from the start? Or, will you use the aggressive approach, and list higher than the Comparables indicate? Since statistics indicate, the best offer usually comes in within the first few weeks, which approach is usually in the homeowner’s best interest, and how will you communicate that information?

3. Experienced: Can you avoid the highs and lows emotionally, that are common in the real estate transaction process? The reality is that deals sometimes fall apart, and will you use your experience and expertise, to make lemonade, out of these lemons?

4. Visionary marketer: What do you see as the potential for a particular house, which other might not notice? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Will you be a visionary marketer, and show the house to the highest potential?

5. Empathetic: Homeowners and buyers are understandingly nervous, and sometimes, perhaps overwhelmed, because this process involves, what is the largest – single asset, for the vast majority of individuals! You have two ears and one mouth, so listen far more often, and do so effectively, so you can better understand the needs, concerns and priorities (as well as perceptions) of your client or customer. Being an empathetic real estate agent!

6. Realistic; real plan: Avoid excessive hyperbole, and articulate a realistic, real plan, including expectations, responsibilities, marketing and pricing!

Doesn’t it make sense to be a CLEVER agent? Will you transform yourself into one, in the future?


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