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5 Reasons Pinterest is Addicting and 4 Weaknesses That May Kill it

Like Google searches for M.I.A. After her Super Bowl middle finger salute, the boom of Pinterest is pinterest marketing strategy
positively ferocious. A 329 percentage boom in particular traffic in 90 days is the form of rocket ship acceleration this is generally some distance greater delusion than reality, even in social media start-up circles.

Why this newfound obsession with Pinterest? What’s fueling this rocket? There are without a doubt numerous elements and capabilities that have made Pinterest on par with Twitter as a visitors motive force (according to a Shareaholic examine).

1. Focused Functionality

Unlike many other contemporary social environments that seem hell-bent on adding features like ornaments on a Christmas tree, Pinterest does one component, and does it nicely. They have embraced the much less is greater ethos that initially propelled Google search and Twitter to the forefront in their respective fields.

2. Intuitive Interface

Ease-of-use is the killer app. Pinterest could in no way have crossed the chasm to end up the darling of the often non-technical crafting and style crowd if it turned into a trouble to discern out. It’s drop-dead simple, likely due to its targeted functions, as is impacting Web layout pleasant practices in great and profound approaches.

3. Passion Pit

Pinterest permits us to chronicle and proportion what we love. Our pastimes. Our goals. Our aspirations. I don’t have data on this (it would make an exciting have a look at), but I’d bet a large sum that there are 10x extra pins of things we need, compared to matters we have. It’s akin to the Facebook “like” phenomenon, however with a far greater visceral psychological anchor.

4. Massively Browsable

You can experience Pinterest without reading anything. Let that marinate. In a world in which the tweet and standing update have reigned ideal for years, you may now can completely immerse your self in a effective network revel in that is one hundred% visual. It’s no marvel that Pinterest broke out at roughly the same time as Instagram, Path, and different social sharing opportunities that revolve around snap shots, now not words. (see publish from Ekaterina Walter on whether or not picture apps will kill the written word) It’s the herbal evolution of communique. A picture won’t be really worth 1,000 phrases, but it’s sincerely well worth one hundred forty characters, and while the large majority of the population began possessing a camera at all times thru their cell telephone, this sort of photograph-pushed culture turned into a natural byproduct.

Five. Equality

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There aren’t any Sneetches with stars and Sneetches with out stars on Pinterest. Brands have pages and get right of entry to to the identical features that man or woman users have. This democratizes the community in an essential and effective way, making Pinterest the handiest important social possibility (apart from Twitter) where humans and companies are singing from the identical hymnal. Strangely, Twitter aims to do away with their edge on this region via rolling out logo pages to corporations.

Is This The End of the World as We Know It?
Those are the five number one reasons for Pinterest’s success. But I advocate that you temper your passion for Pinterest, as there are four reasons why the website online as we know it today might not live on.

1. Link Spam

One of the digital advertising advantages of Pinterest is the reality that each one links at the website online are followable by using Google and different engines like google. On a pin, the from hyperlink, the photograph link, and even the outline hyperlink (in case you insert one) are all followable by way of Google, passing juice returned to your web page. This is just too excellent an opportunity for SEO pros to skip up, and link junk mail on Pinterest will pick out up notably inside the following couple of weeks. Pinterest will possibly need to change hyperlinks to no-follow, or chance search engine optimization spammers dragging down the excellent of the person enjoy.

Image From llsocial.Com

2. Shopping Spam

On a related front, the affiliate advertising opportunity on Pinterest is astounding. Already, you may set up an API feed of Amazon’s pinnacle dealers (or other merchandise) onto a Pinterest board, create a potentially lucrative, computerized sales circulation. This is going to blow up quickly, with a doubtlessly overwhelming variety of low high-quality, associate forums cropping up like mushrooms. Even Pinterest itself is moving into the act, inserting affiliate hyperlinks routinely wherever it may accomplish that, using Skimlinks. Again, this trade-first shift may additionally threaten the idyllic consumer experience that has made Pinterest a success.

3. Copycats

The fact that Pinterest is so focused is brilliant (see #1 above), however additionally makes it some distance easier to duplicate it’s offering. Like each day deal web sites aping Groupon, Pinterest is hugely liable to other sites chipping away at its consumer base by using developing more applicable offshoots. Already, you spot clones like Gentlemint.Com vying for the “Pinterest for dudes” target market, and angel investor on-line network Angel List includes numerous groups that describe themselves as “Pinterest for Architects” “Pinterest for Beauty” and so on.

Four. Too Good to Stay Solo

The most probably motive that Pinterest as we know it nowadays will disappear is that it’s genuinely too ripe for acquisition. Suitors are plentiful, as Pinterest makes notable strategic experience for many social behemoths, but for unique motives.

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